If you have ever ordered a hamburger from a fast food drive through, you have made use of a headset. If you have ever worked in a call center or customer service center, you sol republic headphones have made use of a headset. If you have ever stuck a “Bluetooth” in your ear so you can talk on the phone while exercising, running errands, or driving a car, you have made use of a headset.

A “hands free” telephone of sorts, the headset revolutionized how we do business. If you are one of those people who can’t talk without using your hands, then the headset sol republic tracks hd is a heaven-send for you. It frees up your hands so you can gyrate with your hands (even though the person on the other end has no idea that you are).

The headset was invented way back in 1910 by Nathaniel Baldwin. However, it was met with a tepid response by the general public until the US Army began to mass produce the headset during World War I for their pilots. Aviation proved to be the doorway to mainstream acceptance for the headset.

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